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Jeans VS Dress

Are you into dresses?? One piece?? Into Jeans?? Skirt?? Me, I love trying different style to see what suit me the best. But in the other hand, who wouldn't love jeans? It's rather impossible without one. Oh well, except my mother. She never wore jeans in her life. But I'm completely opposite but at the same time I love dresses too. Below are my two differently look I wanted to share...but I honestly love both.

   The first set of pictures was last year 2011 during the London and Brighton. It was cold and very windy and thought the jeans and aviator coat would go well and it kept me warm as well. I wore a wellington boots because it was wet and surprisingly it goes with the entire look.

    Second set of pictures was taken before heading out to shop last weekend. I thought this was appropriate for a weekend outing with the whole family. Again, cold and rainy so it was just right to bundle up and still looking glamorous?! Maybe...

Burberry Tote

I don't exactly know when but one thing I know for sure that I am going to have this  SMALL HAYMARKET CHECK TOTE BAG      .     

only £695....ouuuuch!

4 Swimwear Trends You Shouldn’t Miss During the Spring/summer 2012 Season

Every woman wants to look sexy and hot like a sultry siren. With the hot season here, swimwear is getting hotter. The bold prints and colors of spring ensure that when you wear them to the beach, the temperature is sure to rise even higher than it already is. Know 4 of the latest trends in swimwear to help you when you are choosing swimwears for the spring/summer 2012 season. 
1. Printed Swimwear Swimwear over the ages has always looked at their best when printed. The spring/summer 2012 season promises to add to that attraction quotient by introducing a number of stunning prints for swimwears. You must lookout for swimwears in floral, wild or tribal prints. Leopard, python, geometric shapes and kaleidoscope prints are also gaining popularity. 
2. One Shoulder Swimwear Are you looking for the right swimwear for you that will serve the practical purpose as well as enhance your physical features? Try out the one shoulder swimwears. One shoulder dresses have already gained pop…