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30 July 2012

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Peep Toe Pump

Whether your looking for a casual/formal party shoes or just daily office shoes, this Giuseppe Zanotti Design Peep Toe Pump is the answer. If I have the budget, I would not hesitate buying it. The simplicity, the class and the style of this pump is just close to perfection. It's the style must-have and I can assure you it'll be the best buy you can find. Click the image/picture for further info.

by Giuseppe Zanotti

26 July 2012

Jimmy Choo Sale is now on

    Here's the 2 eye catching product of Jimmy Choo, unfortunately I don't have the budget for it and nor will I ever have. So, I'm afraid I won't go far beyond looking. But to those who can afford, I'll share you my favourite picks from the JC online store.

     This '70s disco inspired box clutch in a vibrant material mix of python, crocodile and lizard with attached chain link wrist cuff is the must-have clutch for Spring Summer 12.

Indeed one of the finest evening multi colour clutch bag I've seen. With that price, it should be:)
  This Cailin clutch bag  is now on half-price sale. Yes, you read it right, it's on half-price sale.                
             Originally, £4995.00 down to only £2498.00

If you are buying the clucth bag above then you might as well match it up with this Mira Leopard Print Pony/Calf Platform Sandals. Again, it's on sale from £1795.00 down to £898.00. Its' miraculously cheap, right? Very affordable and I'm sure you'll love it and would be a nice addition to your collection. It'll definitely beautify your cupboard. 

If I have the budget, I would not hesitate to by it. I just love the stone/coffee colour. 'This super-high sandal in leopard print pony/calf with flower corsage detailing makes the ultimate statement this season'. I totally agree with the given description, indeed! 

And oh, if you wish to see more of Jimmy Choo summer 2012 sale then you may head down to it's online store right now. Grab as many as you can afford. There is no limitation at all!

First UK Coach Store

      This was a present 3 years ago from my beloved behalf, whom the only person that tolerates me with this bad habit, collecting handbags. If I like a thing whether its branded or not, I would buy it. I'm not yet suck-in into this idea of only buying signature labels thingy because for me its not totally the label that will make me buy things but it's uniqueness and quality. Not that I'm saying signature's are not uniquely made but I just thought they are horrendously over price. But a treat once in a while is not bad at all. Though I still insist buying a handbag or shoes that is more than a thousand pounds. Wth that price, it can already change many lives out there.

          Anyway, the set of picture below was my 27th birthday presents. My husband bought it at Heathrow Airport when he was still working in Mobilisation. It was apparently the first UK (correct me if I'm wrong) or England store/outlet. Unfortunately, they closed it just a year after but opened another store in the Capital, London. As what I've heard they already have 4 chain stores in the country - 2 in London,  1 in Bicester Village and the other one I'm not really sure. Well, this was my first coach handbag and wallet and thanks to my husband for the thoughts. I must have done something good to deserved this special treats.

24 July 2012

Various Looks from Lookbook

14/July/2012 - Oh, again another outing with the family and have to pick the best and suitable outfit I can. The shirt was given to me by my husband after the Navy Rugby match he attended couple years ago. And didn't realised that it actually suited along with this denim shorts I had. I thought this outfit was cute and very comfy. So perfect to walked around the town with my shape-up sketchers shoes.

6/July/12 - was running errands and rushing to get ready for I was running out of time so I just grabbed whatever was on the top of my closet and accentuated it with my newly bought hat - well my daughter's hat :). It is my 10 year old track suit I bought from Oxygen at Philippines, would you believe? It didn't quite fit me as it use to;-)

7/7/12 - What could be a perfect look for strolling around the city, shopping and site seeing in a sunny but windy day,  than this? Right? With 3 kids in tow, I think I can't wear any better. Looks like this Harem trouser, topped with a green cardigan transformed my look into a completely different person. Don't you think? Well, maybe just a slight difference;-)

30/June/2012 - Just a recent look I took couple weeks ago during my daughter's rounder's match at their school. Again, I dress for the occasion perfectly. I like the country classy look of it.

This photo taken last 2 years ago (2010) - but was inspired to bring it back and added it to my collection of looks at Lookbook. The cowboy boots made the look for country/ish and love it. Perfect for that day as we visited the Roman Villa.

19 July 2012

Maxi madness

Okay, here's a few picture of my maxi dresses. Here in UK, it is very limited days only when I can wear something like this without getting wet or dirty. You know what I mean, right? It's pretty much wet and miserable our weather here and we are only lucky to get few days of warm sunny day out of 365. It's terrible, right? So, I think summer clothes is not that much of a use. So, whenever we get a decent warm weather I always take advantage and make the most of it by wearing my favourites summer clothes. Oh, why I love maxi dresses? Here's few reason; it is simply because it gave me that much length to cover up my short and stumpy legs as well as it made me look a little taller and not to mention, it covers my unflattering shape.

    P.S. - it takes more than a sec to load the pictures so please bear...

This first maxi dress I got from H&M

This 2nd one I got from F&F Tesco clothing line

3rd one I got from Clobber

Again, another from Clobber

18 July 2012


I wanted this so badly and of course as always I shop around before committing to buy anything just in case I see some pretty good deal around. And shockingly I did,  an online shop I came across while browsing along the other day. Yes,  I'm in total awe after I've seen their signature brand prices too cheap which made me think it might be a con. I'm so in doubt that I need other's opinion and views. But it looks so real and the description to this handbag is pretty much the same in the shop I look at, as well as the picture. I know Prada and other signature brand do have sales unlike Louis Vuitton but not sure if it reduce as much as this online shop. Just so you know, I never bought any signature stuff online because it might not be original. But if this handbag's price (70%) is true then I would buy it straight away. But it's too good to be true! I will wait until my husband is back from his trip and have his last say about this shop. Anyway, if you want to know the link of this shop I'm talking about then pm me and I'm happy to give the the link.

   Materials: genuine leather and high class canvas Dimensions: W35xH27xD14cm 

12 July 2012

New pair of pumps

With all the school expenses we are dealing lately I'm lucky to get a little left for my shopping spree. So, I'm always careful, smart and never jump quickly into something that I don't really need. Bargain has been always my thing ever since and here's the good buy I have lately. I was lucky to avail this limited edition brown real suede, animal skin pump shoes in my exact size with a 60% off. The highest pair of heeled shoes I've got and surprisingly comfy...
highest pump I've got :) it arrived today (quicker than expected) :) very comfy

2 July 2012

Beautiful Wedding Gowns

To those who are getting married then here's some of my favourite wedding gowns design - just take your pick! This is your chance to be the most beautiful bride in the whole wide world. Just think of the cost later for getting married is a once in a lifetime experience.

Click the image/picture for a larger view

You can all check these out at Lace & Grace
"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

— Yves Saint-Laurent

"It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."

— Alexander McQueen

"I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants."

— Whitney Houston