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22 August 2012

My Top picks at Debenhams & New Look Sale

Lately, I'm hooked into browsing latest end of season sale from 2 of my favourite store to shops, Debenhams & New Look. The sale continues and since the stores are in my access anytime I'll prefer shopping there but online serves as my guidelines of what to buy and what's not.

Shop now ----->> for this amazing 70% off. 

Peeks of the new season trends.  Probably not suitable for petite lady like me:)

Another 20% for occasion wear. Oh those store inclusive designer are really my faves as they cater dresses for petite ladies. For 20% off, I think it's more than a saving. Their ranges of occasion wear are simply the best. I tend to buy my dresses in this store. But I must say, never try out ordering online yet. Will try some other time when I don't feel like going out to the town. This is when online shopping comes handy.

Oh, animal print is stayed on this season trend. After all, it's everybody's favourite. I have quite a few ranging from shoes to dresses as well as accessories. I wouldn't mind having an animal print handbags and purses too.
Here's 2 of my wishlist for this season. If I have time after our mini-vacay I might pop into stores and get these...
Debenhams also have the the widest ranges of men's wear and apparels. My husband specifically likes their Maine and Levi's. Also, Ted Baker and John Rocca. They produced and sell all sorts of brands which most customer flocks into the store everyday.

It's the place where I usually buy my husband's clothing and presents whenever there is an occasion.  Yes, debenhams is for everyone in the family. From Grandparents, Dads to Mum's, daughter and sons and as well as weddings, universities, house and home. Their simply styling the Nation. Honestly, it's one of the British best.
Kids converse

kids apparel

launching another brand (newest addition)

men's apparel
 And comes to my other favourite shops. Mostly, just mine though as it doesn't really cater kids clothing (well especially my kids). It's the best high street shops for ladies, I would say. I love their ranges of shoes from heels, pumps, wedges, flat and as well as their accessories. Here's my top picks of their latest sales....
London Rebel Leopard Print Chelsea BootNow £29.99Was £59.99

Now £15.00Was £29.99

Orange Suede Platform Court ShoesNow £15.00Was £29.99

Now £67.00Was £94.99

Chinese Laundry Aztec Platform ShoesNow £67.00Was £94.99

Now £20.00Was £35.00

20 August 2012

DIY denim shorts...

Dressing-up and looking good is one of the traits I carried since at my childhood. I guess having big sisters to look-up too helps me learned to dress appropriately. Though once in my life I got hooked into this hideous trends but I think it's just normal to always go beyond your horizon. Then back to normal as we mature. I once told/advised by my sister that showing flesh don't necessarily mean looking and dressing like a slut. She literally means balancing the outfit. Like for instance, when wearing some skimpy skirts or shorts (hot pants) you need to pair it up with a tee-shirts or long sleeves. Or a vest then a blazer or cardigan to keep an elegance look. If decided to wear a vest or sleeveless tops then you have to pair it up with something decent in the bottom. A long maxi skirt perhaps, a jeans or even a trousers. Unless it is a dress of course then it's completely different scenario. 

Anyway, here I am wearing my DIY denim shorts I made couple weeks ago from an old jeans. I thought it came out just as good. and in fact, worn it for few times already. The set of picture were taken on 13th of August 2012 before I went out for grocery shopping with the family. 

I thought the imperfection cut made it look much nicer...

accessories it with a brown belt and a sunflower headband that I wore as bracelet

lookbook entry collage

paired it with a snakeskin pump to emphasize a longer legs...

18 August 2012

I love TOMS

  I must admit I love TOMS and looking to buy a new pair before the end of summer. Or perhaps two, one for my daughter as she is no longer my size but bigger. Shame I used to like the idea of swapping and sharing over our shoes. In case you don't know TOMS do make good comfortable and durable footwear. Having a decent pair of shoes is always not a bad idea. So, do not be reluctant on getting a pair of TOMS as it is the footwear for the nation. Remember, quality always last longer!

15 August 2012

GUESS Medium Fabric Bags

Don't you just love to have this pink Tote bag? For only $89 I think it's a pretty good value for money. Admittedly, added it in my wishlist of pink stuff to buy this summer hoping that someone will be kind enough to hear this little wishes ;-) Just too pretty to let go. Okay, here's the deal,  if you buy I'll buy, how's that? haha (nangdani jud).

I so want you!

Summer Statement

This is what I wore the day when I took my kids out to Circus. The sun was perfectly shining all through which made the temperature bearable enough for me to show out some flesh. It's good for my skin to be exposed under the sun, at least once a year. Hubby was out of town and so I sneaked out wearing this yellow lace top I got from Store21 and the shorts I ordered at H&M online for the first time. I so long for this day! But guess what my 10 yr old said about my headband? Mummy is still far from Easter for you to wear that rabbit headband, haha. I almost couldn't stop laughing, she is the silliest girl I know. Anyway, posted this look at my lookbook and here's the link... 
 Finally, or else it' will just be another dusted piece of clothing piled up in my cupboard. Just in time before the cold days strike back. 

13 August 2012

Whoever designed this it's too ridiculous

Red Suede Platform Wedges by Giuseppe Zanotti: 

This is when fashion is overly stated, haha. But then again this is what fashion is all about. That's is why it's good to stick with a style not to go along with all the latest trend because it can lead to nowhere but to a hospital, in this case anyway. I find it really odd to even look.  It look pretty much like a horse feet, just bizzare. But surely there are many fashion follower around the world who will disagree with me and will certainly find this trend pretty. Lady Gaga is one of them but then she has the strangest style I've ever seen on television and maybe unique  in many people eyes so she's she stands out among the pop stars. But that's the game celebrity has to play, to create themselves uniquely to keep up with the fame and popularity. 

Mixed & Match

   Another day for picture and outfit opportunity. I love dressing up even in the simplest way. But don't get me wrong I'm not extremely shopaholic, I tend to wear my outfit time and time again. I love finding good deals both online and in stores.

   One great advantage here in my new town is everything seems convenient and a walking distance. You named it all, from the high street shops, grocery stores, toy superstore, home wares shops, beach, play parks, pools and etc... All that are available here in our local area.  A wide selection of shopping brands just in my fingertips. So I can avail as easily to all the good offers around, end of season sales and a lot more products that are 50% reduced, if not more. Ain't I lucky, huh? But with all these tempting shopping opportunity close to me, I'm still able to keep within my budget and never spent beyond it. Or simply avoid going to the town if my funds are low.

   Here's a my bargain steal from TK Maxx, a brown Blazer that are made with 100% cotton just for £16 and was originally £45, cheap huh? Even better as it's made in Guatemala, not in China. I love it! It can be a casual or formal wear as it's suitable to either. The jumpsuit is from my favourite shop, New Look. Another end of season-sale finds for just half the price. But it's kinda loose on me and lengthwise is a little long too. Obviously made for taller ladies.
Taken just after we arrived from our Southeast weekend trip visiting the family and friend. 

I thought the red beads necklace from M&CO was the perfect accessory for this outfit. 

The wedge slip-on was from Next that I bought few ago. It has been my favourite daily footwear. So convenient for strolling around especially with kids to tow and a pushchair:) It's a little worn out already so I'm shopping around for a replacement.

Yes, a total mixed and match outfit.

10 August 2012

New Look Update via email...

They've sent me this 20% discount as a subscriber via email. Juts in time as I thought of shopping for my box in the next couple weeks. Uh, spending all my savings again so any discount or coupons is really a great help. 

Btw, do you like her look? I think it only suits for tall and slim ladies. I really don't know who exactly she is as I'm not t a celebrity follower anymore as I used to back in my teenage days. 

I really would love to join this compeition at New Look but the chance of winning is probably nought. 

I fancy this peplum jumpsuit and it is quite affordable. It's the reason why I love New Look:)

I really love the style. Again, collars is getting even bigger this Autumn. 

7 August 2012

His say about this outfit, what's yours?

Got this cream crochet lace short not so long ago from River Island for just half the price. And the black lace  top from H&M. I tried it on before going for my night out last weekend. And guess what? My other behalf extremely disagree with my choice again and so I ended up wearing a black animal print dress which I also recently bought at Debenhams.. Yes, he's wish is my command, I couldn't disagree any further or he would think something else otherwise,  like,  showing off to men? Apparently, it's another way of telling men that I'm available. Ridiculous mindset but never mind! Whatever makes him secured and happy. Not only that, he also find my top horrible. Laces seems not his thing for sure, haha. What is Fashion to men after all, huh? Thought of giving this away to my sisters:(  Anyway, what's your say? Do you like it or not? 

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

— Yves Saint-Laurent

"It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."

— Alexander McQueen

"I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants."

— Whitney Houston