10 August 2012

New Look Update via email...

They've sent me this 20% discount as a subscriber via email. Juts in time as I thought of shopping for my box in the next couple weeks. Uh, spending all my savings again so any discount or coupons is really a great help. 

Btw, do you like her look? I think it only suits for tall and slim ladies. I really don't know who exactly she is as I'm not t a celebrity follower anymore as I used to back in my teenage days. 

I really would love to join this compeition at New Look but the chance of winning is probably nought. 

I fancy this peplum jumpsuit and it is quite affordable. It's the reason why I love New Look:)

I really love the style. Again, collars is getting even bigger this Autumn. 

7 August 2012

His say about this outfit, what's yours?

Got this cream crochet lace short not so long ago from River Island for just half the price. And the black lace  top from H&M. I tried it on before going for my night out last weekend. And guess what? My other behalf extremely disagree with my choice again and so I ended up wearing a black animal print dress which I also recently bought at Debenhams.. Yes, he's wish is my command, I couldn't disagree any further or he would think something else otherwise,  like,  showing off to men? Apparently, it's another way of telling men that I'm available. Ridiculous mindset but never mind! Whatever makes him secured and happy. Not only that, he also find my top horrible. Laces seems not his thing for sure, haha. What is Fashion to men after all, huh? Thought of giving this away to my sisters:(  Anyway, what's your say? Do you like it or not? 

6 August 2012

Super Cute - heart it!

I so want this right now. It's just way too cute. It'll be perfect for my trip. Did I just say trip? When and where it would be? Never mind. Right now, I can't get enough with this D&G flip flops. Cute, right? And so is the price:) but I think will be worth investing for one.


Golden 1994 MOP Bangle by Chanel Vintage Jewelry

I'm drooling like this right now like a food. This Vintage Chanel Bangle is classic! But, I'm afraid the price is a little ambitious for me. So, I'll just have to wish that fairy godmother will bring me one like it one day:) How do you rate it?

Golden 1994 MOP Bangle by Chanel Vintage Jewelry:

Dress for Occasion

My plan was to wear a floral mini-dress on this day since it was a special occasion but hubby insisted it was inappropriate and when I try this on and showed him, he didn't doubt for double thumbs-up straight away. So yes, it's nothing to do with the length but it's the style and how it still looks so descent and formal. 

Dress: I got it from River Island
Blazer: From TK max
Shoes: New look