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Showing posts from August 19, 2012

My Top picks at Debenhams & New Look Sale

Lately, I'm hooked into browsing latest end of season sale from 2 of my favourite store to shops, Debenhams & New Look. The sale continues and since the stores are in my access anytime I'll prefer shopping there but online serves as my guidelines of what to buy and what's not.

Another 20% for occasion wear. Oh those store inclusive designer are really my faves as they cater dresses for petite ladies. For 20% off, I think it's more than a saving. Their ranges of occasion wear are simply the best. I tend to buy my dresses in this store. But I must say, never try out ordering online yet. Will try some other time when I don't feel like going out to the town. This is when online shopping comes handy.

Oh, animal print is stayed on this season trend. After all, it's everybody's favourite. I have quite a few ranging from shoes to dresses as well as accessories. I wouldn't mind having an animal print handbags and purses too.
Debenhams also have the the wides…

DIY denim shorts...

Dressing-up and looking good is one of the traits I carried since at my childhood. I guess having big sisters to look-up too helps me learned to dress appropriately. Though once in my life I got hooked into this hideous trends but I think it's just normal to always go beyond your horizon. Then back to normal as we mature. I once told/advised by my sister that showing flesh don't necessarily mean looking and dressing like a slut. She literally means balancing the outfit. Like for instance, when wearing some skimpy skirts or shorts (hot pants) you need to pair it up with a tee-shirts or long sleeves. Or a vest then a blazer or cardigan to keep an elegance look. If decided to wear a vest or sleeveless tops then you have to pair it up with something decent in the bottom. A long maxi skirt perhaps, a jeans or even a trousers. Unless it is a dress of course then it's completely different scenario. 
Anyway, here I am wearing my DIY denim shorts I made couple weeks ago from an ol…