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27 September 2012

A Stylish Personalised Black Bath Towel So He Will Never Moan About Finding His Towel Again

If you are stuck for gift ideas when shopping for your husband then this personalised black bath towel will make the perfect gift for them. There have probably been many times when your husband has moaned about not being able to find his towel or because someone else used it. By getting him his own personalised towel this means that everyone in the house will know it is his and not use it. Also he would be able to find it amongst others because his name will be printed on it.

This is a luxury soft towel that is a perfect gift for all occasions. This turns an ordinary towel into a novelty gift that will bring a smile to his face. With the added bonus of this being a high-quality made item and the lettering is done to a very good standard makes this overall a winner in the gifts department.
This is also one of the personalised gifts for him that you will find serves a great purpose and also is different to having mugs and stationery as presents. This will put a pleasant smile on his face and is something that he can use for many years to come.

Looking for Christmas gifts for men has just been made easier and you can also tell the rest of your friends as well. This will also make a perfect gift that children can give to their fathers on other special occasions such as birthdays, and Father’s Day. It doesn’t just have to be a male’s gift you can have a lady’s name printed on here or even a special message that you would like to give to a loved one.
You can have a maximum of 12 high-quality characters sewn into this towel. The length is 140 cm and its width is 70 cm across so it is suitable for adults of all sizes. Make the man in your life happy this Christmas and get him a personalised towel that he will use over and over again. It also comes in a dark colour so will not look dirty.

So many great personalised products to chose from and to give you an idea, here's couple of the gifts ideas that I thought my husband would definitely like and surely I'll share this idea to our friends and family for the upcoming holiday season gifts inspiration. For without a doubt they'll come to me in few weeks time to ask for some Christmas gifts ideas for him.

Sterling Silver Personalised Shirt Collar Stiffeners

               Personalised Golf Bag Desk Tidy

26 September 2012

Tux Blazer with print leggings and black vest

 I have first wore this Navy Tux Blazer when we visited Hastings Battlefield. If you remember my previous post here in my fashion blog about couple weeks ago then you'll know what I'm talking about. I paired it up with my DIY denim hot pants, white vest and ballet pump shoes. It looks alright but as I said I'd re-styled it couple days after when we had to run errands down South during our short family end of summer get-away. I didn't want to look too formal but decent enough to deal with signing documents and such. So, this is what I came-up with; a prints leggings, black vest and my favourite Navy Blue Tux Blazer that I got from Next store. Since, it was not too dry, wedges was the only option I have to match with this outfit and to go with the weather as well. Wish I'd bought more pairs of shoes but we only stayed for more than a week and luggage wise was already struggling to close. Anyway, this is a mix of an office girl and casual look. 

I just slightly accentuated it with a pair of dangling earrings and to complete the look, I used my nude pink MAC lipstick. 

this collage is posted at lookbook and here's the link

25 September 2012

It's all a Fairy Princess Dream (White Maxi)

White is one of my fave colour however, it is quite a challenge to pull-off an entirely white dress or an outfit especially when you are not that skinny but of course,  it also depends on how one can carry an outfit and believe in herself with a total confidence that they will look good in any white clothing. As for me, I honestly think I look terrible in white colour unless it is loose or a maxi dress like this one I am wearing. Yes, I am that body conscious and it became an obsession or far worst an obligation or it is a-must for me to look good in any piece of clothing I buy and if I don't, it will be just piled up dusted in my closet for years to come until the urge of trying will kick again. Do you feel the same way? Oh well, maybe it is just me...VAIN? Not!!

Anyway, I was delighted to have found this white maxi dress at the local Store 21 which is an affordable store I can always fall back when I can't find something fancy or something I like in any other high street stores in the town. Obviously, I haven't discovered this store before until I have moved here in our current location. Quite convenient and affordable but as always there is a slight snag which is, you get what they have on display, so basically early birds grabs the most desirable sizes and your mostly left with big sizes. But I was lucky this time for I have got the perfect size for me waiting in the rack, it was the last one as well. 

And then I planned to wear this for a day while strolling around my old town down in South but unfortunately it was pouring with rain just right after my husband took these pictures of me that day. I guess, it is more than enough to update my look at LOOKBOOK.NU. Check it out...

17 September 2012

Fashion in Black and White

I don't know but I always find black and white a timeless trend. Well, that's just my views. When it comes to fashion, embracing simplicity is not a bad thing. Just like in black and white photos, simpleness in clothing can also bring out the best of you. In this photo, it shows my effortless outfit but I see to it as just as fashionable. I call it my comfortable pieces of clothing. No make-up and such...I always have days like this when all I need is just a pair of trouser and still look as trendy. Yes, that's me I love to look good and to feel good-:)

14 September 2012

New Season Sale at my favourite Store and my top picks...

If USA has Victoria secret then UK has Debenhams. It is the same idea though, a store that offers and sell varieties of brand names. From basic accessories down to a wide selections of finest footwear. You wouldn't wish to be anywhere else but Debenhams. That is how I always feel when I'm in the store. I can stroll around this specific shops from kids department to men. Not only that, they also have home wares and an arrays of furniture. Plus, a free wifi too as well as a canteen to those customers that will get peckish from browsing the entire floors. Mind you, shopping can get a bit tiring right? 
SO, Hurry and grab a bargain in Debenhams store for their new season event 25% in every departments as well as 10% in all beauty and fragrance. It is only up this Sunday (tomorrow) so don't miss out. 
Here's my top picks I captured while browsing along the stores. Oh, these are such an eye-candies to me:)
Heart this blazer by Julien McDonald oh so pricey
While I enter the store first thing I see was this captivating Blazer of Julien Macdonald. He is  one of the big designer names in the store. A little bit costly but that's because it's all made with quality. But then all big names are, right?
Retail therapy today Me likey Plum or burgundy My fave of all Suede All glam and glitz Autumn must-have And in pinky too I opted this in the end - can only afford one lol John carter #jimmy choo #fragrance #heart #Edhardy #fragrance#Diesel #fragrance#love #juicycouture #fragrance
Oh yes, all these are unfortunately not mine. Though I would say that I was lucky enough to grab some really good deal that day. I bought myself a two pair of shoes as well as perfumes to give to my sisters back in the Philippines. Oh, I would have grab Jimmy Choo's fragrance too but it is still a bit costly for me. But, I might be tempted enough to buy it later this afternoon. 

First Ladies Night out...

It was the 28th of July when I first went out with the ladies here in our new town. It's a woman's necessity to have a time off for herself to simply enjoy and have fun. Not every night, not every weekend at least once a month or every other month. Honestly, I was over the moon to have met these ladies whom have the same feathers as me, lol. Life is too short after all and an occasional ladies night outing would not hurt a knee. 

Besides a husband full support of me having fun with my mates, he is also my personal critics in regards to my outfits. Before I went out I have tried different dresses and this is the one that he most approved of. An animal print hem dress that I bought in Debenhams just a month before this outing happenned. I just added animal print belt to it and accessorised with this fashionable big stud rings as well as a pair of dangling earrings. And to complete the look I paired it with a pair of black wedges. Thought of something that I can easily walk and comfortable to wiggle around. So, what do you think did my husband chose well? 

Anyway, I had so much fun that night and looking forward for our 2nd night outing tonight to celebrate a friends's birthday. Bring on Saturday night!!

Btw, here's me along with these wonderful ladies. I'm the only Filipina and from left are; two lovely Indonesians ladies and the one in yellow is French girl who turned 20 that night. All fashionable in our own way. Love these girls!

The bridal Gown I almost buy...

I went shopping for Bridal gowns lately because someone close to my heart are to tie the knot. It was totally a surprised news for us all and for some reason they wanted to exchange vows as soon as possible.  Hence, before the end of the year. Imagine, how everybody panics in preparing for this occasion? Thus, a lot of pressure involves. So, this will be a challenging job for the couple to organise and make this all happen as quick as possible and as as successful. 

My bit is to find the bridal gown. Good thing, there are tons of Bridal shops that I can check in my town. So whilst browsing along the high street few days ago, I bumped into this Bridal shops just along our road and saw this stunning gown on display. I was totally captivated by it's simplicity and yet so elegantly designed wedding dress. I went it and ask for the price and oh, it was on half-priced sale. 

I guess not many people would choose to have their wedding in this freezing cold weather. If they could, they would wait in the summertime, as preferred by majority of the brides I know. Simply because they can then choose any wedding gowns they dream to wear on their big day. Be it a sexy tube gowns, a sleeveless hem dress, backless, or perhaps an off shoulder type. It is impossible to wear such during autumn and winter, right? Unless of course it is an indoors wedding. You wouldn't want to wear something like the picture shown below and then covered it up. It swill surely spoil the whole look. So, I guess it's one of the reason why this is on sale. 

Anyway, I was willing to buy it for her (the bride-to-be) as our wedding presents but she turned down my offer not because she didn't like the dress, its simply because of their church rules and regulations. Apparently, sleeveless or anything like (e.i.showing flesh) are strictly prohibited. Shame, but here we go! Just as well I asked and showed her first before buying it or it could have been another useless purchased. Oh well...    

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10 September 2012

Tux Blazer

Posted at Lookbook, hype & Fan me if you like....

 Was out of the town the other week for exactly 11 days with the whole family for our end of season mini-break. But thought I'd pack more than I can wear but obviously did not this time. Usually, I pack almost the entire closet until hubby complains that we are over filling the car boot so definitely succeeded minimising our luggage for the first time. Even then, we managed 4 suit cases in total though I would stress that the other 2 were like a carry bags. Anyway, At least I didn't forget my new favourite Tux Blazer that I recently purchased like a month ago from Next store summer sale. Half-priced down it was and so I grabbed it straight away and to know that it was my sized was as delightful. Clearly, was meant for me ;-)

This was only the 4th day but seems I was already running out of clothes.  The only pieces left were my DIY denim and my white vest. I even borrowed my daughter's pair of ballet pump shoes that day. Should have wear a jeans as it was so windy but I only brought a pair and were dirty.

The necklace was all I got that matched the entire look. 

I think this outfits looks alright, but I warned you, that next post it's about this Tux again as I have wore it later that week and but completely restyled the whole look. Will post it soon ...

Thank you for your time to visit this blog:-) xx

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

— Yves Saint-Laurent

"It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."

— Alexander McQueen

"I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants."

— Whitney Houston