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Showing posts from September 2, 2012

Discover Karen Gillan

The new budding British actress/model Karen Gillan whom starred in the 11th series of Doctor Who as her first ever big break in acting is my first favourite Doctor Who assistant ever. There is something in her that caught my heart right after I saw her in the very first episode of Doctor Who and that doll-like, angelic, baby face has captivated the heart of nation. Not to mention her passion in Fashion has also tremendously glowing and growing that won many eyes of the famous fashion moguls. I'll just hope there is someone will build and bring her up into Hollywood which she'll surely be massive, no doubt in that as she is one of a kind actress.

The Flag that Unites (get it British)

This was just an idea taken few weeks ago for Olympic London 2012. Showing my way of supporting the British Team in  a trendy way with my newly bought Union flag umbrella as a props along with the rubber ducky. The rest of the outfits were old that I dug from my closet to matched the entire look. Did you notice how the Union flag came back to fashion? Well, it never did go away but the amount of people wearing it all over the world was unbelievable. And proud to say, my adapted country was doing well in the gold rankings. Would have love my beloved country Philippines to do well too but never mind. Anyway, how do you like my concept? What did you do to show support of your country? Me, I was glued on to the television the whole 2 weeks.  

Coral along with 3 colours...

I knew it when I bought this skirt that it would be too impossible to wear. Where & When? Its not like we are always going out to some fancy places. With 3 kids to tow, it's pretty impossible. Unless of course, we hire a baby sitter for the night. But then again, we are a little skeptical about leaving them to a complete stranger. Oh well...
Anyway, being in London I thought I'll be okay wearing this coral skirt but then I changed my mind knowing that the place we are heading to is a Museum. Who would wear something like this into a museum? Well, it's  not me. I wore a black maxi dress instead just after I took some photos of this outfit
Alright, how did I end up in 4 colours?  Well, didn't pack the entire closet of course, only pick few items that I thought is wearable and appropriate for our short trip. So, this is what I came up with, a coral skirt paired it up with a very simple black vest and a pair of yellow dangling earrings. The brown belt came with the …