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A Stylish Personalised Black Bath Towel So He Will Never Moan About Finding His Towel Again

If you are stuck for gift ideas when shopping for your husband then this personalised black bath towel will make the perfect gift for them. There have probably been many times when your husband has moaned about not being able to find his towel or because someone else used it. By getting him his own personalised towel this means that everyone in the house will know it is his and not use it. Also he would be able to find it amongst others because his name will be printed on it.

This is a luxury soft towel that is a perfect gift for all occasions. This turns an ordinary towel into a novelty gift that will bring a smile to his face. With the added bonus of this being a high-quality made item and the lettering is done to a very good standard makes this overall a winner in the gifts department.
This is also one of the personalised gifts for him that you will find serves a great purpose and also is different to having mugs and stationery as presents. This will put a pleasant smile on his…

Tux Blazer with print leggings and black vest

I have first wore this Navy Tux Blazer when we visited Hastings Battlefield. If you remember my previous post here in my fashion blog about couple weeks ago then you'll know what I'm talking about. I paired it up with my DIY denim hot pants, white vest and ballet pump shoes. It looks alright but as I said I'd re-styled it couple days after when we had to run errands down South during our short family end of summer get-away. I didn't want to look too formal but decent enough to deal with signing documents and such. So, this is what I came-up with; a prints leggings, black vest and my favourite Navy Blue Tux Blazer that I got from Next store. Since, it was not too dry, wedges was the only option I have to match with this outfit and to go with the weather as well. Wish I'd bought more pairs of shoes but we only stayed for more than a week and luggage wise was already struggling to close. Anyway, this is a mix of an office girl and casual look. 

It's all a Fairy Princess Dream (White Maxi)

White is one of my fave colour however, it is quite a challenge to pull-off an entirely white dress or an outfit especially when you are not that skinny but of course,  it also depends on how one can carry an outfit and believe in herself with a total confidence that they will look good in any white clothing. As for me, I honestly think I look terrible in white colour unless it is loose or a maxi dress like this one I am wearing. Yes, I am that body conscious and it became an obsession or far worst an obligation or it is a-must for me to look good in any piece of clothing I buy and if I don't, it will be just piled up dusted in my closet for years to come until the urge of trying will kick again. Do you feel the same way? Oh well, maybe it is just me...VAIN? Not!!
Anyway, I was delighted to have found this white maxi dress at the local Store 21 which is an affordable store I can always fall back when I can't find something fancy or something I like in any other high street st…