3 October 2012

Fashionable Gifts from Africa

Hubby have to do business trip at least a whole week in a month. That is part of his job and we agreed on it before he took the offer. It's hard but he got to do it to be able to provide and keep his family. Last month he been away for 3 weeks to Africa. The longest he's been away from us since we moved in here at North Wales. Because of the guilt feeling, he's been trying to bribed me with tons of things. And his last trip, he got me these uniquely made jewelries from Africa. He knows how much I love beads and any other fashionable jewelries. So, I just love something different and he seems good in finding all these unique bling2x wherever he is at. For me, it's always the effort that he spare that counts as well as the thoughts. Simply love it xxxx..
Yay! Hubby is #home today from #Mozambique and this what I've got #bracelets made of #safety #pins - #ipad #ipadgraphy #instagrammers #webstagram #igers #igers_pinoy #fashion #trends #september #2012 #women
You see what these are made of? So different to any other bling I've seen.  It's quite cool and creative, I thought...
#present #bracelets #beads #kenya #Africa #ipad #instagrammers
And these are hand-made bling from Kenya, again it reminds me of Pinas local-made bling.
But this false lashes mascara from MAC he bought at Paris airport while he was waiting for his next flight. He apparently asked the sales staff what is the best thing and fashionable cosmetic gifts to a wife and this was the most recommended one, lol. I don't really use false lashes and didn't even know that you still have to apply mascara into false lashes. So, now I know and I think this will be a perfect mascara for the upcoming event I'm going to. 
Another little #present from daddy today - in addition to my #mac #collection - #beauty #essential #women #cosmetic #mascara #lashes #ipad #ipadgraphy

1 October 2012

Own make-up application preference...

 As much as I wanted to be expert or
 become good when putting make-up on, I juts can't because I don't have the patience that requires to learn step by step. I hate reading tutorials and following instructions is the last thing I would do. I dislike the process, just like going to the Saloon and having my hair or nails done. It's not an everyday use so i thought there is no need for me to learn the proper way. Until lately when someone asked me to be their make-up artist in their upcoming big day? Until now, I still can't believe why? So strange to just ask someone you don't even know, only because my sister is a good friend to her and also because I offer to be my sister very own make-up artist in her upcoming big day. It's just that there is no point of hiring someone if I can do it for her, right? Helping her saving a bit from the costly wedding is like a great gifts already. Apparently, (back to her friend) after looking at my Facebook pictures she decided she like the way I put make-up on. Oh no, this is just a made-up and my own preference when applying make-up. I know basic but not really sure if you call it basic when all you apply are foundation, Bronzer, slight blush-on and most of the time just lip gloss or nude lipsticks and a splash of eyes shadows but often not because an eye liner will just be as great for me. I rarely use red lipstick either, I don't know why but I like it as natural looking as it can be. It's the reason why you rarely see me in red lipstick unless I'm in the mood for it. I also don't think I look good in red lipstick though. Nah, I have always prefer nude or pale ever since.

So, lately I am trying to watch make-up video tutorial at You Tube because of this upcoming special events that I'm going to attend and guess what? Not only I am the make-up artist I am also their photographer. Oh my, I think I put myself too far from this, haha. Pressure is on, the moment I offered my service but I guess she is a dearest sister of mine. I'll do hers but not to her friend. NO! I think it's too much responsibility already if I'll say yes to her friends as well. So, her big day is okay because I know she won't complain or give me hard time if things goes wrong, haha. And, surely whatever make-up I put on her, she'll be happy with it. But of course, I'll make sure she'll be the prettiest woman alive, haha. Ooooooh! Assuming I can do it that great, lol. Anyway, with her face profile I think she'll look lovely with red lipstick and a slightly smokey eyes. This is going to be a day time event so all she need is a light make-up to simply enhance her already pretty face. Yes, she's pretty even without make-up on but of course she would not believe that, as we (women) often not see ourselves pretty unless we have make-up on, right?

         Smokey eyes with false lashes? Or not? 
Again, I don't use false lashes because it's not very comfortable. But I guess my sister would love to use one. We will decide for it later on.
What do you think about this smokey eye make-up? Would this count as day make-up? Glitters? Not quite sure if it goes with her dress. I think I'll be force to buy a magazine to get more ideas with before that event. I have only 5 weeks to go until that special day.
If things goes wrong then rest-assured the photos will not come up as expected as well. Oh my, this is the pressure I am in at the moment. So, basically I can't sleep thinking about it, haha. Because I want her day to be as special as everyone believe it to be. Not a grand event venues wise but it is special enough to give her that million dollars look. With the hair, I'm thinking the classic up do. Or just let her hair down? Well, I'm sure I'll find better ideas soon. Yes,  I am that excited that's because I know exactly how important it is for a woman to look at their best in their special day. A great make-up contribute so much to the entire look besides the gown and accessories. Yes, I want perfection! Any suggestions?

A very light eye make-up. Simply as it can be:)