13 October 2012

Me in a different Hairstyle 2012

 Fashion is not only implies on clothes but as well as hairstyle and hair accessories. Here I am discovering what hairstyle that best suit my square facial form. I decided that curly hair suit's me okay along with the pony tails, volume up-do fringe and one-sided length. Well, that's to my own vision but I don't know how other's perceive hairstyle that compliments a squarer form of face. Yes, I know it is a difficult shape to flatters but I can settle with pony tails everyday if given a chance as it is the easiest hair that also requires only little time. 
How I obtain this curly hair? Alright, I didn't use any curling iron but instead I plaited my hair then left it overnight. And in the morning I took it off and laid it back and voila...

Grab the white roses in my flower vase and use it as my props, lol. Again, concept from my favourite mexican soap starred by my all-time idol 'Thalia' as Rosalinda, lol. Oh yes she is my # idol.

I've tried to bun my hair but failed so many times. It is just I refused to use hair styling spray to keep my hair in place and to be able to get that sleek bun hair. So, as alternative to that idea I used tons of hair pins instead. 

It an okay do for just a food eating session with friends held at my place.

Another lunch invite from my Thai Friend and again I had so little time to fix myself so just quickly tied-down my hair and put my favourite piece of head band.

This one was taken first month of this year while visiting hubby's long time mate. 

This one was my mother's day do, a simple one-sided length. 

A mother's day do,  in another shot and angle.

This one was during a friend's daugther's birthday bash. Pony tail with a volume fringe. 
Taken on my husband's birthday this year. Another extra volume fringe hair do.  
This one was at friend's house, she's a Thai and a hairstylist back in her town. So, she tried to plait my hair like this style but didn't suit my face at all, I look so ugly, haha.

I quite like the idea though, would suit better to rounded/oblong shape faces :)

11 October 2012

Peplum dress on a girls night...

The first time I wore Peplum bodycon dress and realised that it actually flatters my form. With my square triangular shape, I have found out that a bodycon actually elaborate a shape and that you wouldn't look totally like a box. I don't have that small tiny waist I long for since childhood but instead getting squarer each year, lol. So, I tend to be very careful and is co conscious of what I wear and never in a millions years consider trying on peplum style until I tried it last month during a friend's birthday celebration and ladies night out combined here in our local town. 

It was me and my husband who went out and bought a dress and unsurprisingly he chose this dress against the Zebra print bodycon classic dress although it is shorter than his preference length of dress. I quite like it and paired it with my Zara block purse and a Plum heeled ankle boots. I was fun and we definitely rock that night :)
Peplum dress:  from Debenhams
Burgundy or Pum heeled boots from New Look

I accessorised it with my vintage jersey ring from Store 21 and a metallic gold necklace from Dorothy Perkins. 
Supposedly pair my dress with this Jane Shilton laces heeled shoes but I didn't think it was right for the dress.

here I am striking a pose at Club 147

with my Indonesian sisterette

and with some of the ladies :) 

10 October 2012

Ridiculously hideous shoes

Have you seen this most ugly shoes? They say it's beautiful but hell 'NO'. How can you even call this beautiful? They got to be joking, right? These are truly hideous style I've ever seen so far and really look so unattractive. Why would any woman take the risk of wearing such, not only you look crippled walking in it, also it looks too uncomfortable and I can only imagine how much damage they might do to your back and the rest of your body from walking around like that. Goo grief!! Not for me thank you. I might be a fashion craze but not to the point where I'm limping my legs like that. Don't you think trends gone too far and too ridiculous? Well, I think so and if this would be the last shoes left on this planet, still I wouldn't wear it. I'd rather walk bare feet than to be in pain, haha. Fashion designers are running out of ideas and I think it is always best to stick with the classic. Over my dead body! I suggest you watch the video to see how the model walked uncomfortably in this ugly shoes. She  does walk like a Zombie or a Dinosaur as described by most. How about you? Would you willingly spend your hard-earned money with this T-rex claws shoes? Because, I wouldn't! Not now, not ever unless I lost my sanity. Only people that are out of their mind would want to be wearing these like attention seeker celebrities i.e. Lady Gaga, haha. As much I hate Victoria Beckham but I'd so prefer her sense of fashion because it is classic, elegant and very sophisticated. Thus, Kate Middleton! 

And oh, another stupid shoes of Alexander Mcqueen called 'Armadillo' that unsurprisingly unpopular by models. I can't blame them though.