18 October 2012

Dark-green figured fit Jersey dress

It was the 4th of October when me and the ladies arranged for 'couples night out' together for the very first time so that our husbands can meet each other and honestly, it was one of the most memorable night. As always the ladies looked stunning with their chosen dresses for the night. But would you believed if I tell you that this dress I wore that night only cost £3.99? Yes, it was a promotion from H&M for the first 100 customers. So, soon as I received their email I ordered straight away even though I wasn't that sure if it would fit or suit me fine until this night. The first time I wore it and surprisingly love the fitting and the material. It is an Autumn must-have I should say. And I believed that 'Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication'.  Oh well I'm very happy with this purchased and thanks to H&M for always updating me via email. 

5% elastane, 78% polyester, 17% viscose. Machine wash at 40˚
And gladly I remembered I have this pair of shoes that exactly match to this dress. It is one of my great bargain finds too that only cost me £5 and I must say it is one of my most comfortable pairs in my closet.  And oh, had to have this dress belted to elaborate a waistline, lol.
And here I am in the middle with these gorgeous Indonesians and Thai ladies :) 

With my sexy Thai Friend, Kung.

with my sexy Indonesian Friend, Linda.

15 October 2012

Looking for Occasion Dresses...

Okay, I am flying to Philippines in 3 weeks time for my sister's wedding. I am super duper excited for this event, partly because it will also served as our family reunion. I so miss them and I miss Cebu. It won't be a grand wedding party wise and venue wise, it will just be in the town where we were all raised-up, but the event itself and seeing them all are more than attending any grand parties. I haven't seen them for years and so the reason why this trip is a much awaited one. 

On the other hand, I am looking some formal attire to wear in the ceremony and reception of course. I have been busy browsing online and of course in my favourite store,  Debenhams.  Without looking its prices and brand, I immediately got attracted to this Cassini Cross Over Maxi Dress by Phase Eight

The sleek and sophisticated look in this dress is what got me. I just love it but the size and length might be a problem. I'm 5'2 and the model is 5'8 and still it covers her feet. Plus they run out a UK size 8 which is my size but then I can wear size UK 10 as well if I need to, depending on a bust sized and all that. The cost is quite okay, I can just stretch to it - that's how much I love this dress. Would love to go to the store and try it on and see how it will fit me but not sure if our store here have a stock as it says only available at selected stores. 

Was £120.00 Now £95.00  Now £85.00

Then a second choice is this dress below. I quickly love the style, design and materials without knowing that it cost quite a lot. Well, with my budget and rules in shopping I just can't afford it. So tempting though but yes my rules are never spend beyond £50 on dresses. But then, where I can find cheap occasion dresses that are made with high quality materials? Now, I'm having my second thought .... [wink] ....definitely something to consider, right? But for only wearing once, I'm not sure if it is worth buying expensive dress. If it is black maybe as black can be worn more than once. Well, can be worn several times too with different accessories and perhaps different shoes, cardigan, cape and blazers. However, the price is making me cringe even if it is already in sale. Have to be practical, I think...

                          Debut Peach diagonal sequinned maxi dress

                                                 Was £175.00 Now £140.00

This 3rd choice is okay, not overly dress and quite pretty colour for a Philippine weather. Corals are perfect colours for tropical places. But again it is costly or should I say more than my budget. Might have to bite a bullet in the end :)

This last choice is quite elegant too. Pretty similar style to my first choice but the snag is, I'm not so fan with its colour. I don't think it will suit my complexion at all. What do you think? More like my mother type of dress, right?

Suede Trouser and a see-through top

This are just some freebies from a friend and I must say they are very comfortable and warm. Good for autumn season or perhaps a spring daily wear as these are very light, chic and yet cozy. It is from Thailand and really made of suede, well trouser wise. Its pretty cool and can easily be paired with anything that suits your mood. This suede trouser would look even better with an oversize jumper, I think. I'm not sure if what other style of footwear will go along with this beside from boots.