15 December 2013

Fall ensemble

Love my ensemble here. The idea of recycling clothes, mixed and match to make the money worth. Nothing new, all worn a handful of times with my all-time fave sling tote bag. Taken an Betws-Y-coed train station last month. 

22 November 2013

Update at last...

I know I have been in a long hibernation but now I am back. Well, not quite that back yet as I have loads of things going on lately. Just got few minutes to post an update just to stop the cobweb. Though I'm hopping that I can carry on posting an update every now and then, regardless of my busy life. 

Alright, I am in my laid back outfit with my fave pair of jeans. It goes well with my biker jacket, calf boots and red dotted tote. This was taken a while ago (6 weeks to be precise) when we went down in Stoke-on-Trent for a garage service and spent a day strolling the not so impressive town. End up shopping at Primarks. Making the most of it as we haven't got this shop locally. Luckily, my get-up is as cosy as bee as the weather was not that great but cold and wet.

And the picture below was taken only 3 weeks ago. It was during a day out with the fam bam strolling around the most beautiful town in North Wales, Betws-Y-coed. It wasn't warm either and yet I dared wearing miniskirt. Brave huh?Anyway, I'd love to mixed and match from anything I fancy in my closet. That way,  I can use them as many times as I could. Trust me, these get-up are worn more than once. And yes it is still trendy enough for this season. Nothing wrong with reusing your clothes especially in this shaky economy we are facing at the moment. It is wise to start controlling our spendings and begin saving and yet stayed on trends😉. 

21 July 2013

New Fashion Sunnies

I got this for free from the women's sunglasses shop and thank goodness as it is very useful for the warm summer days. I love the colour but this is just one of the many choices you can have at their shop. Comfy yet fashionable and I love it - plus, an aviator - my fave style, simply because it suit my squarer face ;). Yeah, I give a double thumbs up for this sample sunglasses and definitely would love to get the other colours as well. Thank you for sending me this...xxxx

14 June 2013

OOTN series - ladies night out...

Life has been treating me beautifully since birth and for that I'm grateful as well as for a bunch of these  lovely and wonderful ladies who made my journey moving here in North Wales a lot easier and happier. They are full of life!! I love all my friends actually, as they all have certain characters. Love them before, love them today and forever...Yeah, life is great!!

[click each image for a larger view]

3 June 2013

June 2013 simple OOTD & LOTD...

Been very busy lately, as you noticed I hardly had any updates at all. So I'm really trying to catch-up and updates as I can and let you all know what I have been up to for these past weeks. Although, its not all in single details but at least I have something to share here in my blog. So, hope you enjoy browsing my photos! 

[click each image for a larger view]...
this OOTD was when I attended a birthday party...

this OOTD was when I was invited to a summer fete 

this OOTD was when I just strolling around the town...

chilling at home with the family with a very nice sunny day

guest of honour look at a friend's birthday party, lol.

a day out look with my fam 

on our way to invade Scotland, lol.

a night out dinner look

around the house look

school ran look

getting fit look, lol

a morning look, still in my pj's 

going to a friend's house look...

13 May 2013

Dalmatian trousers & biker jacket

Here, finally worn the biker jacket I've mentioned in my previous post that I got from Oasis sale. I redeemed my gift card that a friend gave to me on my birthday. And it goes perfectly with my h&m dotted trouser. The wedges shoes, I was not sure but it completed the outfit so I'm good with it. Accentuated with this collar gold plated necklace that I got from my fave retailer. Oh, my hair is as always effortless - I like it that way as it made the look so natural. [#latepost]

Biker jacket: Oasis
Dalmatian trouser: H&M
Wedges: new look
necklace: new look
earrings: dorothy & perkins
black lace top: primark
aviator sunnies: marc jacob

8 May 2013

All denim

When I first saw the trouser I fell in love with it so I bought it even though it wasn't on sale. But was exactly thinking it would go nicely with my biker jacket and it did which I am happy about. But worn it with another denim in the end as I was running late and was just putting on the first top I saw in our luggage.  Anyway, I could always restyle it later on so I hope you all stay tune for that :)

2 May 2013

Red & Animal Print

"The difference between style and Fashion is Quality." Giorgio Armani 

This is a long overdue post I know but I was extremely busy for the past months due to my Life in the UK exam as well as my naturalisation processing. But now I am back and hopefully I can keep up updating this blog. Anyway, here's my earlier January look. Thank you for always peeking...
Trench Coat: F&F fashion clothing
Animal print legging: Topshop
Shoes: F&F
Handbag: Ninewest
Hat: Debenhams
Gloves: free from one of the advertiser...

1 January 2013

LV Speedy Bandoulier 30 & Burberry Scarf

This was during our trip to Devon and stopped by at Platts car delearships to get our new baby. Yes, had to wear something like this because of the weather. It was the first below zero temperature of the season so it was just right to bundle up and still look glamourous, aye? It's a perfect ensemble for an Autumn 2012 - warm, glam and fab :) And it is the first time I used my LV Speedy bandoulier 30. Sorry for the not so clear photos as these are taken via mobile :)