11 June 2014

White Dress: the one that started it all

I love white colour, simple as that. During my wedding, I wore white wedding gown because it was my choice not because it symbolise purity but more like following a traditional wedding colour. As they say, the colour, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. 

Back in the days, (Victorian or even way before...) white colour apparently symbolise wealth. Besides the colourtextiles were also an important means to display wealth, and the more elaborate the weave of the fabric, and the richer the fibres uses, and the rarer the colour, the better the demonstration of wealth.  Before the invention of effective bleaching techniques, white was a valued colour: it was both difficult to achieve, and hard to maintain.  Wealthy brides, then, often wore white to demonstrate their money, not their purity. 

And did you know that it was Queen Victoria who popularise the wearing of the white wedding dress? You know why? Well, because Victoria was not an ordinary bride.  Unlike most royal brides, she did not enter the marriage as a princess, about to become the Queen Consort.  She was the Queen, the head of state.  She needed to make a statement as the leader of her country, not as an ornament to the throne and the future mother to the heir to the throne.  So Victoria chose a dress that made a political statement.  A dress that put her duty to her kingdom on display, rather than her wealth or beauty.

Anyway, I love whites not because of its history but simply because it is neater to look. I can wear whites everyday, if given a chance. And having said that, I sought for an specific white dress online a while back and while browsing I came across many tempting dress but nothing came close to this  Solid Color Bohemian Style Turn-Down Collar Single Breasted Plicated Chiffon Dress at Sammy dress.com that I was eyeing up for my anniversary, so I got it. And it became my favourite piece in my cupboard since then. This dress is simply  gorgeous and the quality is not that bad either. I'm really surprise when I finally have it in my hand how well it is made. It is unexpectedly and extremely good and yet so affordable. Oh, did I mention how many items I am eyeing for next? I'm so torn I tell you on to which one I will get next because of their masive selection of cute, elegant, chic pieces of clothing available at their site and more. Alright, this is actually the first time I wore this dress and yet I'm already planning to wear it again (very soon) with maybe a few tweak, so watch out for it. And lastly, what could be a better dress to wear for this very special day of my life, my wedding anniversary...so thanks to Sammy!!! 

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