30 July 2014

Summer '14 Outfit diary part 1

Wow! is that all I can began with 😊. First of all, I'm extremely grateful of the weather as it's mostly sunny and dry. Could you imagine the opportunity for us all to explore summer outfits? But proud to say of how good I am this season of not joining the summer shopping craze. If you all notice, I am not updated with this year hot looks/trends. Instead I recycle and reuse what I already had in my cupboard which is unusual for me 😜. If you are a SAHM then you'll know the reason why. Less income, less to spend 😁. In short, no budget coz I'm broke!! But that doesn't stop me from being stylish eh? 😂😂😂 Yeah, I managed to pleased myself of what I had in my closet. And here's my latest ootd series 😍😍😍...

1) This green maxi dress I wore couple weeks ago during our family day trip to the nearby water garden is still trendy enough. Who would have thought that I had this 6 yrs ago? Perfectly paired it with this grey crop blazer and a wayfarer sunnies. And oh with my fave brown cross body bag of course that almost go with anything. 👌👍❤️

2) The denim washed out dungarees with a plain white vest, a polarised blue aviator and a pair of kicks was really perfect for a beach trip. On that day, I'd only fancied a walk on the beach. One fine Sunday afternoon well spent with the fam bam that was. 

3) Denim skirt, black tube top and a flip flops is an easy, safe and quickie outfit to put on when you have less time to get ready. It was just one of those laid back Friday outfit ;). 

4) Crochet hot pants from River Island, white vest, kicks, batik leggings, crop top are another safe and quickie outfit of the day for a mum who isn't have all the time of the world ;). 

5) White top from Warehouse, denim shorts from Primarks, white driving shoes from Pineapple and of course my fave cross body bag was my outfit of the day during our trip to Lake District to watch my daughter's first sailing race. It was such an awesome day. 

6) Almost all white. Pretty much all white. Top from Newlook, white ripped jeans from H&M and white shoes from Pineapple. 

7) And lastly, my fave sunnies and my newly added one from newlook. Rayban's are obviously my fave brand. 👌😎❤️

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