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My Spring diary 2014

'Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.' - Stylequotient 
Here's the lists of my spring ootd so far. I tend to documents my outfit of the day for my fashion blogging. And yes like most of us do, I dress according to my mood and sometimes according to my age 😁. Though few times I break the rules and wear hideous clothes 😜. Anyway, not all type of dresses or clothing would suit us especially when you are a petite lady like me. I find that above knee-length dresses or skirts would suit me best. Wedges are my faves summer footwear btw as it gives me the height I wanted at the same time comfortable. Occasionally I wear flat shoes or sneakers especially when it involves a long walk. Accessories depends on my outfit too. Sometimes there are looks that needless to be accessorise. Less is more, right? I also believed that colours varies to the skintone. I love neutral but there are days that some colour I wish to wear just isn't going well with my brown compl…

So laid back...

When these gorgeous pair of Vans shoes, H&M white ripped jeans, Peacocks trenchcoat and cashmere scarf met and became the perfect everyday laid back outfit. A must-have for a mother like me that are always going in and out in the house running errands. Don't  you think so? Sorry for the not so clear photos as it is only taken via mobile phone ;)xx