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Showing posts from March 5, 2017

Spring Sprinkles

It's that time of the year again when trees sprouts and flowers bloom. I saw snowdrops fading away and daffodils are budding out. I personally think spring is the most exciting season of all as the day lights longer, the weather's warmer, me happier and feeling lighter due to the fact that I will have less layer. Last Sunday was truly an impeccable weather, although not that warm yet (11 degrees celsius) but a lot better that we normally have. So, I braved myself into this all-black outfit to kinda welcome the early spring season. Don't ask me why but for some reason I am into black colours for the last 5 years (rarely white). Gaining few pounds might have something to do with it. Black seems to be the best colour to hide a beefy abs or am I just being over conscious? Oh well...

What about you guys? What is your current fave colour to wear?

Outfit Brand:
Top: New look
Trench coat: F&F
Belt: Gap
Ankle Boots: Red Herring

Credit to my son for taking such …